How does it work - Seller


Create an account

Create an account is easy and free! It will take only a few minutes!

  • Fill in the form
  • Add a picture if you want
  • Draw the arrow in the  leftbottom of the form
  • And click on SAVE

Here it's done! Your account is created. You are going to receive a confirmation email


Fill in the form

Give as much informations as possible about the item that you want to sell and don't forget to write the price. To finish add some pictures and click on save to put the article on the website.


Answer the buyer

When someone is interested by one of yours items on the website, you will receive an email in your mailbox to get inform.

Go on monvidedressing.ch connect, select the form My messages and check the discussion that you want.

If you have questions, please contact us by clicking here.


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