How to value your articles?

To optimize the sell of your item we recommend that you take pictures of good quality with a good light so that the colors match the more possible with the reality. We recommend to fill all the form (size, brand, stuff…) so that the search engine can find your article when someone search something specific.

I have already a facebook or a blog...

On our website you can open your own shop where you can put all the clothes that you want to sell. One time the item is online you have nothing else to do. When somebody is interested by one of yours items monvidedressing send you an email. Contact the buyer and finish the sell.

How does it works?

Monvidedressing is an online shop (for fashion) where private individuals can put some ads for free. The aim of the website is to optimize the meeting between buyers and sellers. The seller and the buyer have to finish together the transaction. So you can sell your clothes, shoes and accesorizes that you don't use anymore and buy some new at low price.

I add an article in my dressing but I don't want that it appear for the moment on the website

Click on MY DRESSING, then MY ITEMS. Perhaps youhave to login. To hide your item just click on the red button "inactive" .


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